Walt Disney with Disneyland Cast Members
Welcome to our "Tencentennial," WWWD Pin Rolled Back to 2003 Prices!
"To all who come to this happy place, welcome!" - Walt Disney (1955)

Welcome to "our Tencentennial" version of the website.

We were founded to not only say thank you to Walt Disney but to express appreciation to all of those Cast Members who keep the finest traditions of Disney hospitality and showmanship alive.

The most common reaction by Cast Members to receiving their WWWD pin is tears. They are just so amazed that guests notice them.

Our guests have given pins to everyone from Cynthia Harriss (former president of Disneyland), Matt Ouimett (former president of Disney Cruise Lines and later, Disneyland) to tram attendants in the parking lot.

Through your love of Walt Disney and his Cast Members, you have become the eyes, mouse ears and heart of Walt and Roy Disney's legacy. Many Cast Members have told us that these little WWWD pins keep them doing what they do for guests.

We can say nothing but thank you to everyone who has become a part of our WhatWouldWaltDo extended family.

This fifth edition of our site is a bit like Disneyland on its own opening day. The pavement may be a bit soft under your heels and there may be some weeds to be found in Tomorrowland but it is filled with love and as we have learned over the last ten years, it "will never be finished."

It is filled with our family's story and those shared with you by our guests. The Fabulous Disney Babe labelled us, "The biggest [Disney] heart on the web."

Walt Disney's 100th Anniversary WWWD Pin in red, white and blue.

We would be ignoring Roy Disney's own contribution to the Disney legacy if we didn't tell you that our red, white and blue Walt WWWD pins are 20% off in honor of Walt's birthday this month.

We know you love Disney trivia, so the red Walt's "W" rendered in its traditional red grease pencil, just as Walt initialed his approval at the studio. The "W" is a facsimile of Walt's actual initial, as opposed to the one used in the trademark of the Walt Disney Company in its many ventures.

Our site features our reproduction of the letters in the original, iconic Disneyland sign.

Our Mission Statement

To preserve Magical Guest experiences through recognizing outstanding Cast Members.

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