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The WWWD Story

May 7, 2002

I am a Ticket Taker at the Disney Resort, Anaheim, CA. While bag checking (an additional duty given to the Ticket Takers since September 11, 2001) at the Disney's California Adventure main entrance on Monday, April 8, 2002, I asked a beautiful family (mother, daughter (approximately 12), and father)if they were familiar with any of the questions on the "Guest Bingo" sheet I had in front of me. ("Guest Bingo" was part of the week-long cast appreciation activities Guest Services (Ticket Takers) were participating in.) As I continued to check the family's bags, they reviewed the Bingo sheet; and each of them gave answers to some of the questions, and initialed the respective boxes. I thanked them for their time and knowledge.

I noticed they were wearing blue lanyards with lovely Disney pins attached. They were all so pleasant and happy! I wished each of them a magical, wonderful day. As the family proceeded toward the turnstile behind me, the father came back to me; he reached into his backpack, and he presented me with a pin that was attached to a small, white card. He thanked me for treating his family the way the Disney family would! I was pleasantly surprised, and I felt a tear start to run down my cheek. I thanked the gentleman; and as he walked away, he asked me to check out his report on the website, "WhatWouldWaltDo.com".

I placed the card in my pocket, because I was assisting other guests at the gate. During my break, I pulled out the pin and read the card. I was again touched by that guest's gesture! It was a great feeling to be recognized for doing what I do every day! I felt special! But, it was still a mystery to me. When I arrived home from work, I searched the web for the site the guest had referenced. WOW, what a terrific site you have --and I am speechless. I feel very humbled, yet honored to receive a pin!

I spoke with one of my managers recently about my proudly displaying your pin on my costume -- he said it is okay!

Is there any way I can thank the kind guest who presented the pin to me? I retired, after 33 years, from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power; and I have been a cast member at the Resort for a year and one-half. I enjoy my job; and guests like this family make my day!

— Erma, Cast Member

September 6, 2001

Thank You for the thoughtful site. It's nice to know that other people appreciate the great service we recieve at Walt Disney World. I just ordered pins, and am looking forward to sending them to some great cast members what helped us with our last visit to Disney World.

— Karl

August 29, 2001

More publicity! This is a fantastic idea! Maybe publish a book of Waltisms!

— Don & Susan align="right"

August 29, 2001

Thank you so much for allowing me to view the column. I only have one word, Wow! I'm sitting here reading it with tears in my eyes. I can't believe that what started off as a simple "thank you" has blossomed and become part of your very special column. I really loved what you did with it. You have made a very important time in my life even more Magical. I look forward to sharing the Magical moments of others in the future. Once again, thank you so much for everything. :-)

Wishing you much Magic always,
Tina :-)

August 3, 2001

Wow, what service. The pins arrived today and are just beautiful, as is the presentation. I'm going to enjoy giving them to only the most deserving castmembers and only hope that the recent round of cutbacks doesn't make it harder for those special CMs to go that extra step. I'll carry the postcards with me and will send them on to you during my trip.

Thanks again,

July 25, 2001

What a wonderful site to come upon! I was just browsing online for Disneyland Cast Member sites and saw this site. I vaguely remember hearing about the WWWD pins but didn't know very much about it. I'm very impressed and happy to see that something like this exists.

I recently left Disneyland after working there for 14 years. I can't tell you how much it means to hear "Thank You" from the Guests and just to see that you've actually made someones stay that much more meaningful. There were always the not-so-good days but it is always outweighed by the smiles and thank you's that someone took the time to give. This pin carries it beyond all that and leaves that lasting memory.

I'm very happy to see that one of the Cast Member's that received the pin recently ( Val Jean) is someone I know and worked with and is very much deserving. Congrats to her and a sincere thank you to the guest that presented it to her.

Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful and truly meaningful program.I will visit often and look forward to seeing many more names of those that keep the magic alive.


April 3, 2001

Thanks for establishing a way of letting the Cast Members know when they do a good job and keeping the standard of “What would Walt do?” alive.

My family and I used to go to Disneyland on a regular basis and we always made an effort to treat the Cast Members like real people rather than like audioanimatronics guest relations robots. We got to know them by name and tried to look for ways to be kind to them and encourage them. Before long, we had gained many friends.

Some really nice people work for the Disney Company. They work hard to carry on Walt’s dream in spite of the fact that too many high level company executives don’t share that goal.

So thanks for carrying the vision on. The Cast Members who do a good job need the encouragement and recognition. Hopefully, someday soon, the idea will reach all the way to the top and Disneyland will, again, really be “The Happiest Place on Earth for Guests and Cast Members alike.

—A Faithful Fan

I appreciate the sentiment behind Founder’s Legacy and want to know you will be there in the future.

I am going to enjoy distributing these pins, and have two Cast Members already designated in my mind! It just makes me fill that this trip is going to be one of the absolutely best ever of the 14 trips I have done since 1992.

—Margaret S~

I also wanted you to know how much I appreciate your efforts on your project. Supportive feedback and recognition on the part of the Guests may help prove to those in charge that we do notice helpful CMs and the other things that make our visits special. Take care and thanks!

—Rich L~

We've been to WDW several times a year, and have just found out about this, and feel really bad. I wish I knew of them before our last trip, last month. However, we are going again to the Port Orleans in June, and there are some wonderful people there and at Downtown Disney, the Marketplace, etc., who really deserve a pin. Thank you!

—Margaret W~

Keep me posted on updates to your site. I really like your creativity

—Edward W~

Hello there! My name is Christian Willis and I am the webmaster of SongoftheSouth.net (http://www.songofthesouth.net). As a fellow Disneyana veteran and Walt Disney enthusiast, I would like to congratulate you on such an excellent site!

In any case, thank you again for keeping the spirit of Walt Disney alive.

I feel that you all have found what most of us who love Disney have found: The Magic Is the Cast! They, at least the very best, remain true to Walt. Every single one of them are more than aware of where the problems are in The Disney, yet they continue to spread the Magic whatever pressures they may be under

And believe me, you will hear for me BEFORE my next trip to order a supply of pins. Keep up the good work. The Cast Members of the Disneyland Resort truly deserve this long overdue recognition.

Thank you for making it possible.


You know, Fab was right... You two really DO ROCK! See you in the land!!!

—Trevor W~

You guys have the site with the biggest heart on the web!

—The Fabulous Disney Babe

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